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BW Papersystems combines extremely strong brands, innovative technologies, and long standing experience for the sheeting & packaging, stationery, book binding, security documents, and corrugating & finishing industries.

Gain insight into what we do, and get an idea about the wide variety of our products.

  • Stationery and Book Binding

    BW Papersystems offers a large variety of machines for the production of printed products and stationery. The machine portfolio ranges from machines for standard stationery to highly sophisticated quality products with a variety of inserts for print finishing.

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  • Cut-Size Sheeters & Packaging

    We are the leading manufacturer of innovative, efficient cut-size sheeting and packaging equipment for the paper industry, including the field's highest speed machines.

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  • Corrugators

    BW Papersystems is a leading supplier of Corrugator machinery. We provide complete corrugators in a variety of configurations and capabilities tailored to your needs and corrugator components.

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  • Passport Machines

    With about 70-80% market share we are the world leader for passport finishing machinery. The four independent machines for the complete finishing process can be easily configured for all known types of passports.

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  • RFID

    We offer the complete range of manufacturing process solutions for the production of all the various form factors and layer constructions of Smart Labels and Tags required today and in the future.

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  • Banknote Production

    In the production of national currency a very high level of technology is required. Our banknote and security paper sheeters provide the needed precision and reliability.

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  • Folio-Size Sheeters & Packaging

    Our sheeters and packaging machines are designed to handle all commercial types of paper and board, as well as many other sensitive materials, with flexibility and consistent performance.

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  • Finishing Equipment

    Crafting the Perfect Box - from Starch to Finish
    We are a leading supplier of finishing machinery. Together with our brands MarquipWardUnited, Curioni and VortX, we engineered an extensive range of finishing equipment focusing on performance, reliability, and low cost-of-ownership.

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  • Rotogravure Proofing Press

    Ameco Raster Rotogravure Proofing Presses For Gravure Cylinders

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  • Used Machines

    BW Papersystems offers ​used ​machines, with some inventory for fast and efficient turnaround. There are several options when purchasing used machines directly from BW Papersystems.

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